GMDXA Officers: 2014-2015 

President:           Bill Ribish, W9LR 

Vice President:   Gary Schwartz, K9GS

Secretary/Treas.: John Peterman, W9VG


GMDXA Meeting Schedule 

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Greater Milwaukee

DX Association

The Greater Milwaukee DX Association is an Amateur Radio Club that promotes DXing in the following way:


  • All members share the common interest in communicating with other radio amateurs throughout the world.  We individually do this in our own unique ways.

  • All bands, modes and power levels are used to further the sport of DXing

  • We foster a mutual assistance attitude and camaraderie where each member's successes are celebrated and help is provided to improve our stations and skills


  •  We maintain communications with other DX organizations and groups to exchange ideas and promote unity throughout the DX Fraternity

  • The GMDXA is proud to promote and support selected Dxpeditions and members of the DX community through membership sponsored funding  







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